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Adds a static blog to any Ember CLI app, supporting posts written in Markdown and HTMLBars


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Ember Blog

Adds a blog to any Ember CLI application.

  • Write your posts in markdown and HTMLBars
  • Add post metadata using YAML front matter

This addon compiles posts and associated categories into fixtures, adds new routes to your application for rendering that data (e.g. posts, categories, etc), and provides additional blog infrastructure.


ember install ember-blog

Edit your application's package.json and make sure ember-cli-htmlbars is >=0.7.7. This addon requires htmlbars 0.7.7 or greater.


Documentation coming soon. This is early stage, currently under testing. In the meantime, see the tests/dummy app for example usage.

Posts are written in the following format and are saved at app-name/posts/any-old-name.js. The file name does not affect the blog post in any way.

title: More Ember stuff
description: This is a description of the ember stuff in this article
published: 2014-02-29
author: Some Dude
 - ember
 - design

This is the blog content. I am writing this blog post all about Ember and stuff. This is a lot more content for markdown parsing.

**Some bold blog content**

{{#link-to 'about'}}This is a HTMLBars link{{/link-to}}

Add the blog routes to your application as follows:

import Ember from 'ember';
import config from './config/environment';
import blogRoutes from 'ember-blog/routes';

var Router = Ember.Router.extend({
  location: config.locationType
}); {

  blogRoutes(this); // Added


export default Router;

Once you've added a post and the routes, navigate to localhost:4200/blog and you will see the blog in action!

Complementary Addons

The following addons are great complements to ember-blog to take your app's blog one step further.


For all issues and features requests please open an issue or submit a PR.


Adds a static blog to any Ember CLI app, supporting posts written in Markdown and HTMLBars







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