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Vim GitLab Issue Plugin


You want to access gitlab issues from within vim? With this plugin you can access your issues. They are listed in a new buffer, but it requires vim version 8 (json stuff), curl and grep.


When using vim-pathogen:

    cd /path/to/your/.vim/bundle
    git clone

You need to setup the following global vim variables:

  • g:gitlab_token: Your gitlab token. You get this via gitlabs web interface.
  • g:gitlab_server: The gitlab server you want to access. Defaults to Don't use a trailing /!
  • g:gitlab_server_port: Defaults to 443
  • (g:gitlab_projectid): Your project ID. You get this via gitlabs web interface (project settings). This is automatically set via git remote!
  • (g:gitlab_alter): Should the plugin send altering requests to the server? (default true)
  • (g:gitlab_debug): Print debug messages

The project id is now extracted from the git remote -v url! So you need to run vim from somewhere inside your git repository. If you want to set your project id manually:

Optional: For example I have in my .vimrc:

    if filereadable(".settings.vim")
      source .settings.vim

This way I can put a .settings.vim in my project repository and insert project specific vim settings. For example:

    let g:gitlab_projectid="<my project id>"

As long as I start vim from the root directory of my project my settings are here.


  • :GLOpenIssues Opens your open issues in a new buffer. Provided details are issue id (used for closing and commenting to issues via commit), title, description and milestone.
  • :GLOpenIssuesExt Extended version of :GLOpenIssues, loads comments, too.
  • :GLClosedIssues and :GLClosedIssuesExt behave similar with closed issues.
  • :GLNewIssue let's you create a new issue with a formular. (:GLSave to save it)


  • Create new issue
  • Close issue (without commit)
  • View issue details (eg. comments, milestone)
  • Comment to issue


You are free to steal code from this repository. You are free to use it and to redistribute it, in portions or the full product. When using the functional code in any way you need to provide the full author information with it. If you fork this software or distribute it in a modified way you need to use a similar license. You should not blame me if your software crashes, your hardware explodes, your cat dies or anything else happens. You are free to send me a gift. I am also happy if you tell me that you like this software.

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