ruby client for Hadoop HBase
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hbase-ruby is a pure ruby client for HBase ( It works with the most recent version of HBase REST interface.



$gem sources -a
$gem install sishen-hbase-ruby

For those who wants to use hbase in their rails application, can add this line to the environment.rb:

config.gem ‘sishen-hbase-ruby’, :lib => “hbase”, :source => “”

To build the gem yourself:

$rake gem


First download the recent version of hbase (svn checkout hbase), compile it with ‘ant’, then launch HBase server:


Here is the example:

require 'hbase'

client ="http://localhost:60010/api") # this url is the default.

# Table Operation
tables = client.list_tables                              # list available tables
table = client.create_table('users', 'habbit')           # create a table whose column_family is habbit
table = client.show_table('users')                       # show the meta info of table users 
client.disable_table('users')                            # disable table users
client.enable_table('users')                             # enable table users
client.delete_table('users')                             # delete table users

# Row Operation
row = client.show_row('users', 'sishen')                 # show the data of row 'sishen' in table 'users'
row2 = client.create_row('users', 'sishen',, {:name => 'habbit:football', :value => 'i like football'}) # create the row 'sishen' with the data in the table 'users'
client.delete_row('users', 'sishen', nil, 'habbit:football')  # delete the row 'sishen' of table 'users' with the optional column 'habbit:football'

# Scanner Operation
scanner = client.open_scanner('users', 'habbit:')
rows = client.get_rows(scanner)


First you want to install rspec gem:

sudo gem install rspec

Now, you can run the spec by following rake task:

rake hbase


Copyright © 2008 Dingding Ye <>
Distributed under MIT License