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module Sisimai
# Sisimai::Message convert bounce email text to data structure. It resolve
# email text into an UNIX From line, the header part of the mail, delivery
# status, and RFC822 header part. When the email given as a argument of "new"
# method is not a bounce email, the method returns nil.
class Message
# Imported from p5-Sisimail/lib/Sisimai/
require 'sisimai/arf'
require 'sisimai/mime'
require 'sisimai/order'
require 'sisimai/string'
require 'sisimai/rfc3834'
require 'sisimai/rfc5322'
@@rwaccessors = [
:from, # [String] UNIX From line
:header, # [Hash] Header part of an email
:ds, # [Array] Parsed data by Sisimai::Bite::*::* module
:rfc822, # [Hash] Header part of the original message
:catch, # [?] The results returned by hook method
@@rwaccessors.each { |e| attr_accessor e }
# Constructor of Sisimai::Message
# @param [String] data Email text data
# @param [Hash] argvs Module to be loaded
# @options argvs [String] :data Entire email message
# @options argvs [Array] :load User defined MTA module list
# @options argvs [Array] :field Email header names to be captured
# @options argvs [Array] :order The order of MTA modules
# @options argvs [Code] :hook Reference to callback method
# @return [Sisimai::Message] Structured email data or nil if each
# value of the arguments are missing
def initialize(data: '', **argvs)
return nil if data.empty?
email = data
input = argvs[:input] || 'email'
field = argvs[:field] || []
child = nil
if input == 'email'
# Sisimai::Message::Email
return nil unless email.size > 0
email = email.scrub('?')
email = email.gsub("\r\n", "\n")
child = 'Sisimai::Message::Email'
elsif input == 'json'
# Sisimai::Message::JSON
return nil unless email.is_a? Hash
child = 'Sisimai::Message::JSON'
# Unsupported value in "input"
warn ' ***warning: Unsupported value in "input": ' << input.to_s
return nil
unless field.is_a? Array
# Unsupported value in "field"
warn ' ***warning: "field" accepts an array reference only'
return nil
require child.gsub('::', '/').downcase
rescue LoadError => ce
warn ' ***warning: Failed to load module: ' << ce.to_s
return nil
methodargv = {
'data' => email,
'hook' => argvs[:hook] || nil,
'field' => field,
[:load, :order].each do |e|
# Order of MTA modules
next unless argvs.key?(e)
next unless argvs[e].is_a? Array
next if argvs[e].empty?
methodargv[e.to_s] = argvs[e]
datasource = Module.const_get(child).make(methodargv)
return nil unless datasource
return nil unless datasource.key?('ds')
@from = datasource['from']
@header = datasource['header']
@ds = datasource['ds']
@rfc822 = datasource['rfc822']
@catch = datasource['catch'] || nil
# Check whether the object has valid content or not
# @return [True,False] returns true if the object is void
def void
return true unless @ds
return false
# Make data structure (Should be implemeneted at each child class)
def make
return {
'from' => '', # From_ line
'header' => {}, # Email header
'rfc822' => '', # Original message part
'ds' => [], # Parsed data, Delivery Status
'catch' => nil, # Data parsed by callback method
# Load MTA modules which specified at 'order' and 'load' in the argument
# This method should be implemented at each child class
# @since v4.20.0
def load; return []; end