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Web interface

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What is Docs?

Docs is an open source, lightweight document management system.

Docs is written in Java, and may be run on any operating system with Java support.


  • Responsive user interface
  • Optical character recognition
  • Support image, PDF, ODT and DOCX files
  • Flexible search engine
  • Full text search in all supported files
  • All Dublin Core metadata
  • 256-bit AES encryption of stored files
  • Tag system with nesting
  • User/group permission system
  • Hierarchical groups
  • Audit log
  • Comments
  • Storage quota per user
  • Document sharing by URL
  • RESTful Web API
  • Fully featured Android client
  • Tested to 100k documents


The latest release is downloadable here: in WAR format. You will need a Java webapp server to run it, like Jetty or Tomcat

How to build Docs from the sources

Prerequisites: JDK 7 with JCE, Maven 3, Tesseract 3.02

Docs is organized in several Maven modules:

  • docs-core
  • docs-web
  • docs-web-common

First off, clone the repository: git clone git:// or download the sources from GitHub.

Launch the build

From the root directory:

mvn clean -DskipTests install

Run a stand-alone version

From the docs-web directory:

mvn jetty:run

Build a .war to deploy to your servlet container

From the docs-web directory:

mvn -Pprod -DskipTests clean install

You will get your deployable WAR in the docs-web/target directory.


Docs is released under the terms of the GPL license. See COPYING for more information or see