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This is an feature enhancement plugin for Hexo.



This plugin support multiple helpful features as blow (by now):

  • Auto generate title by filename.
  • Auto generate abbrlink by filename, with base32 and crc32 arithmetic.
  • Auto generate date by filename, like Jekyll.
  • Auto generate categories by filepath.
  • Auto generate tags by global pre-configured tags and keywords in the _config.yml.

For example, without this plugin, you need write MarkDown like this:

title: Title
date: 2019-03-05 12:54:57
categories: [A, B]
tags: [tag1, tag2]

# Title

This is a markdown file, in categories [A, B], with tags [tag1, tag2].  

With this graceful plugin, you don't need write boring Front-matter anymore.

# Title

This is a markdown file, in categories [A, B], with tags [tag1, tag2].


npm install hexo-enhancer --save


yarn add hexo-enhancer

Usage - date and title

Like Jekyll, you need use formatted filename, which is date + title, hexo-enhancer will parse them from your filename.

The format is really flexible:

/^.?(\d{4})[-_]?(\d{2})[-_]?(\d{2}).?[-_.@# ]*(.*)$/

If you are familiar with Regexp, you will know how flexible it is:

All filenames above is fine, hexo-enhancer will parse it into:

title: Title
date: 2009-10-10

Usage - categories

For categories, you should put your .md file in right directory with right name, hexo-enhancer will use the directory name as categories, which means _posts/problom-record/Java/ will has:

categories: [problom-record, Java]

Usage - tags

For tags, you can prepare all candidate-tag in _config.yml, like this:

keywords: HTML, JavaScript, Hexo
tags: Java, Golang, React, Vue

hexo-enhancer will scan your post file, auto allocate all tags which appreared in the markdown source.

Usage - abbrlink

hexo-enhancer will use base32(crc32(title)) generate a short link for your post, you can use it in the permlink:

permalink: :year/:abbrlink.html
# permalink: :year/:abbrlink
# permalink: posts/:abbrlink.html
# permalink: :year/:month/:day/:abbrlink.html

With abbrlink, your post's url will really clean, like



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