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Upgrading from SitePrism 2.x to 3.x

Default Load Validations

SitePrism 2.x contains 1 inbuilt load validation for any Page that is a direct descendant of SitePrism::Page. This has now been removed. If you wish to retain the previous functionality then ...

class MyPage < SitePrism::Page

now becomes ...

class MyPage < SitePrism::Page
  load_validation { [displayed?, "Expected #{current_url} to match #{url_matcher} but it did not."] }

You can also create a BasePage class if you want to retain this functionality across all your Pages

class BasePage < SitePrism::Page
   load_validation { [displayed?, "Expected #{current_url} to match #{url_matcher} but it did not."] }

And then you just need to have ...

class MyPage < BasePage

Error Classes

The entire set of error names have been re-written. Check error.rb for previous names.

Configuration Options

Previously site_prism (As of 2.17.1), had 3 configuration options. These were ...

  default_load_validations = true #=> Whether the default load validation for displayed? was set 
  use_implicit_waits = false #=> Whether site_prism would use Capybara's implicit waiting by default
  raise_on_wait_fors = false #=> Whether running wait_for_<element/section> methods that failed would crash

These have all been removed with the 3.0 release. Implicit Waiting is controlled / modifiable either in-line for each method-call, or you can set the default timeout by re-configuring Capybara.default_max_wait_time.

wait_until methods

Previously wait_until methods accepted a numerical value for wait time. The wait time should now be passed using hash args like: wait: <seconds>

For example, previously:

@page.wait_until_notification_flag_visible(5, count: 3)

These now become:

@page.wait_until_dialog_invisible(wait: 10)
@page.wait_until_notification_flag_visible(wait: 5, count: 3)

Note: If after upgrading you see Unused parameters passed to Capybara::Queries::SelectorQuery : [NUMBER] this may indicate that you need to make this change.

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