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This is the home of the SiteMesh 3 development team. If you are a SiteMesh user, instead try the website at

Quick Links

SiteMesh 3 project

Overview of the project, where we are, where next…

Getting involved

Design docs

The design docs, deep dive into a feature that may or may not have been implemented.
During development, they provide communication of ideas that can be reviewed within the team.
Once implemented the provide a permanent reference into the design considerations. The details may vary from the end implementation (check the actual code for reference), but the concepts should be enough to understand SiteMesh in more depth.

Design Doc: Apache Relicensing Complete Plan of attack to relicense code to Apache Software License 2
Design Doc: Configuration Nearly complete End-user configuration mechanisms
Design Doc: Developer Infrastructure Complete Tools and services to support SM development
Design Doc: Logo Complete Create a SiteMesh logo
Design Doc: Memory Usage Complete Rearchitecture of SM internals to improve memory usage
Design Doc: Offline Usage Nearly complete Support merging of content and decorators as offline process outside of Servlet container
Design Doc: SiteMesh Website Barely started Build end-user web site
Design Doc: Container Test Suite Not started For testing SiteMesh behaves correctly in various Servlet engines, even those we don’t have access to
Design Doc: Native SiteMesh and Ports Draft SiteMesh for non-Java apps

TODO: Design docs that need to be written:

  • Content buffering filter
  • TagTokenizer (parser)
  • TagProcessor engine
  • TagProcessor memory references
  • HTTP caching support
  • Asynchronous content fetching
  • Packaging (modules, dependencies and outputs)
  • Decorator processing and chaining


  • SiteMesh 3 Core Team:
    • Joe Walnes (Lead)
    • Richard Burton
  • SiteMesh 3 Contributors:
    • Scott Farquhar
    • Mathias Bogaert
    • Daniel Bodart
    • Hani Suleiman
    • Mike Cannon-Brookes
    • Rickard Oberg
  • SiteMesh 1, SiteMesh 2 Contributors:
    • Victor Salaman
    • Joseph Ottinger
    • Chris Miller
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