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A jquery plugin transforming a html list in a spacetree graph
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This plugin transform a tree structured html into a spacetree using Javascript Infovis Toolkit (

How to use

Launch with: $(htmltree_selector).spacetree(spacetree_selector, settings, jitsettings, onClickOptions);

Minimal example: $('#tree').spacetree('#spacetree');



A css selector to the HTML tree.


A css selector pointing to the container where the spacetree will be drawn


A Javascript object containing a group of function. These function will overrides the default functions used to extracting the tree informations. These are:

  • getData($node) $node is a node of the html tree (jQuery object) returns an object. This object will be the 'data' object of each node (see the jit documentation). Important: the object must contain a '$content' field with the label to print on each spacetree node.

  • getId($node) $node is a node of the html tree (jQuery object) returns the unique identifier of a node (string)

  • getChildrenNodes($node) $node is a node of the html tree (jQuery object) returns a list of nodes (sons of the current node)

  • getSelected: function($tree) $tree is the first node of the html tree (jQuery object) It returns the selected node (a jQuery object)


configuration of spacetree see the official documentation:


See the onClick documentation on:

Default html markup

This is an example of the default html:

<div id="tree">
    <div id="root">root element content</div>
            <div id="child1">child element content</div>
            <div id="child2" class="selected">child element content</div>
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