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This repository contains the simplified code of It is focused on what NRENs need, so now it is easy to host a SAML Identity Provider as a Service for the institutes of your NREN.

Using this service is free, but donations are welcome and will go towards further development of this project. Use the wallet addresses below to donate.

BTC: 1NEvwJhgMeK4bSnRK8ir7v37B6ARhpUhYK

Thank you for your support and generosity!


  • VM with docker hosting environment
  • relational database service
  • logging service
  • smtp service
  • some persistent storage
  • a dedicated domain for your service
  • a wildcard certificate for your choosen domain ($SAMLIDP_HOSTNAME) for this service (the main domain will host your service, the third level domains will host the IdPs)
  • open 80/443 ports for incoming traffic and open for outgoing traffic on your firewall


  1. Clone this repository
  2. Grab your wildcard certificate from your CA, use wildcard_certificate.key/wildcard_certificate.crt names for them.
  3. Encrypt the key: openssl aes256 -md sha256 -a -salt -k $VAULT_PASS -in wildcard_certificate.key -out wildcard_certificate.key.enc then put the certificate and the encrypted key into conf/credentials folder. You will need this $VAULT_PASS for starting the app, so save it. Depending your CA but you may have to merge the certificatechain into wildcard_certificate.crt.
  4. Configure storage service in app/app/config/config.yml and logging service in app/app/config/config_prod.yml. There are lots of Monolog handlers you can use directly.
  5. Generate a self-signed certificate for the attribute release checking service, which will be deployed to attributes.$SAMLIDP_HOSTNAME. cd conf/credentials && openssl req -new -newkey rsa:2048 -x509 -days 3652 -nodes -out attributes.$SAMLIDP_HOSTNAME.crt -keyout attributes.$SAMLIDP_HOSTNAME.key. Important: value of CN must be $SAMLIDP_HOSTNAME. In case the attribute release checking service page fails to open and you get an error Unable to load private key from file "/app/vendor/simplesamlphp/simplesamlphp/cert/attributes.$SAMLIDP_HOSTNAME make sure the key file has appropriate read permissions and build the image again.
  6. Build the image: docker build -t samli/nren .
  7. Edit docker-compose.yml, fill the values environment variables. (See details below)
  8. Start the service: docker-compose up
  9. Connect to your samlidp service on your choosen domain via your browser
  10. Register an admin user, then run in the container: app/bin/console fos:user:promote admin ROLE_SUPER_ADMIN. After logout and login this user can be able to edit all the registered IdPs and users.
  11. Test the app, register an IdP, add users, test against an SP...etc


  1. You can find the templates at app/app/src/AppBundle/Resources/views/default, the used english texts at app/app/Resources/AppBundle/translations. You can make other translations easily without modifying original templates.
  2. Additionally you should customize text of mails (app/app/src/AppBundle/Resources/views/IdPUser/*.txt) and login theme of IdP (misc/themesamlidpio).
  3. While you are doing this customization, you should attach these folders as volumes to your container, so you can see the changes on-the-fly. If you are ready, rebuild then restart the image.


Parameter Description
SAMLIDP_RUNNING_MODE frontend or backend. Backend does the metadata processing of the handled federations. Frontend does everything else. Required
SAMLIDP_HOSTNAME FQDN for your samlidp instance. Required
VAULT_PASS Encryption key for samlidp secret variables. At the moment used for encrypt/decrypt key of the wildcard certificate. Required
DATABASE_HOST The database server IP address. Required
DATABASE_PORT The database server port. (3306 for mysql, 5432 for postgresql) Required
DATABASE_DRIVER The database type. Tested with: pdo_mysql, pdo_pgsql. Required
DATABASE_VERSION The database version. Required
DATABASE_NAME The database database name. Required
DATABASE_USER The database database user. Required
DATABASE_PASSWORD The database database password. Required
MAILER_HOST SMTP server host Required
MAILER_PORT SMTP server port Required
ENCRYPTION SMTP encryption (tls, ssl) Required
MAILER_USER SMTP username Required
MAILER_PASSWORD SMTP password Required
MAILER_SENDER From address for mails sent by the app Required
ROLLBAR_ACCESS_TOKEN Access token for If you like to examine the potential exceptions. Optional
S3_KEY S3 access key. Needed if you use S3 backend for storing logos. Optional
S3_SECRET S3 secret key Optional
S3_REGIO S3 regio Optional
S3_BUCKET S3 bucket Optional
REMOTE_LOGSERVER_AND_PORT Remote syslog @@host:port for TCP, @host:port for UDP Optional


SAML Identity Provider as a Service




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