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GitHub Pull Request Triage Assistant


This application provides reports of various GitHub pull requests, so it's easy to identify pull requests that correspond to certain parts of an application, or that are submitted by certain authors. It can also be used to identify pull requests with merge conflicts that need revisions, so that authors can go back and resolve those conflicts.

In short, it simplifies running large, very active projects that use pull requests for contribution.

A demo is available at


  1. git clone
  2. cd pr-triage
  3. pip install -r requirements.txt
  4. Create a triage.yaml configuration file as described below


This file can live at ./triage.yaml, ~/.triage.yaml, or /etc/triage.yaml

# Required Configuration
title: My PR Triage
github_client_id: 1ecad3b34f7b437db6d0
github_client_secret: 6689ba85bb024d1b97370c45f1316a16d08bba20
  - 'ansible/ansible'

# Optional Configuration
use_rackspace: true
pyrax_credentials: ~/.rackspace_cloud_credentials
pyrax_region: DFW
pyrax_container: ansible-pr-triage

The above values are dummy placeholder values and are not valid for use

GitHub credentials

You will need to register an application to provide API access. The Client ID and Secret will need to be populated as shown in the above example.


There are currently 2 options for hosting the HTML files generated by this application.

  1. Local
  2. Rackspace CloudFiles

Local will write out HTML files to a directory called htmlout. You can host these files directly out of that directory using a webserver such as Apache or nginx.

Rackspace CloudFiles

It is not required that you upload the files to Rackspace CloudFiles, this is just here for convenience. The CloudFiles container that you wish to upload to should already exist and be configured to host a static website. See Point And Click Your Way To A Cloud Files Static Website With The Control Panel for details on how to configure this.

If you intend on using Rackspace CloudFiles to host the files, you will also need the pyrax python module installed. Additionally, you will also need a valid pyrax credentials file.

Installing pyrax

pip install pyrax


It is recommended that you run via cron. The fewer pull requests a project has the more frequently you can run the cron job. I'd recommend starting with every 60 minutes (1 hour).


GitHub Pull Request Triage Assistant




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