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Simple CoreMIDI for Python

Simple CoreMIDI for Python is the simplest way of using MIDI in Python on Mac OS X. Period.


pip install simplecoremidi


To send midi out from your application::

from simplecoremidi import send_midi
send_midi((0x90, 0x3c, 0x40))

This sends a MIDI Note On signal. To receive it you'll have to configure your DAW or software to receive from the "simple core midi source" MIDI source.

To receive midi from another application::

from simplecoremidi import recv_midi
data = recv_midi()

This returns all the midi data sent to the "simple core midi destination" MIDI destination since your last call. Put it inside a loop and poll it.

Look at the example in the simplecoremidi/examples directory.


  • It only works on Macs. It will never work on Windows or Linux.
  • It is not configurable.