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Added db persistance with available cmd line option db-path for db file.
Added questionable UI message handling before quiting mailcatcher for consistency, because for file db we wont lose our messages.

@IngusSkaistkalns IngusSkaistkalns referenced this pull request Oct 1, 2012


Persistence #2


sj26 commented Oct 29, 2012

I kinda have a rewrite in the wings that I was planning to implement this with... I do like the approach but stay tuned.

neoice commented Dec 12, 2013

would supporting alternate database backends be one method of implementing persistence?

I'm currently using MailCatcher in "single user development environments": low activity, nightly database resets, regular daemon restarts. I'd like to deploy MailCatcher to our "integration environment", but the activity level there is much much higher. I don't want to restart MailCatcher every day so the in-memory SQLite DB doesn't balloon to an insane size. having MailCatcher write to MySQL solves persistence and long-term memory usage.

andrhamm commented Jan 1, 2015

Would love to see persistence make it into master 👍

+1 SQLite to disk would suffice w/configuration option to expire after x days or y messages.

fdrouet commented Oct 21, 2015



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