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A responsive theme for Hexo
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Flexy is a modern theme for Hexo, written using Flexbox.

Flexy Screenshot

Flexy Mobile Screenshot


You can see the theme in action on my website.


$ git clone themes/flexy
$ npm un -S hexo-renderer-ejs
$ npm i -S hexo-renderer-jade

Change your theme variable to flexy in your root's _config.yml.


  • Written in Jade and Stylus
  • Uses Flexbox
  • Responsive
  • Mobile first
  • CSS3 animations in header
  • Uses Stylus Nib
  • normalize.css
  • markup

In the header, the transform3d() function is used, which triggers GPUs to render the animation. This makes the page very quick to render, as the only background image is a 2.8K big SVG. It runs without using any JavaScript out of the box.

It's mobile first, so the media queries in the source/styles/screen.styl target the landscape screens.

Post Variables

In the homepage post listing, you can use the post.intro variable to define an introduction. To do this, add the intro variable to your YAML in your Markdown file. Comments can be toggled with the post.comments boolean variable.

title: The Rise of the Autobots
intro: A look at the upward march of automation into the vehicles around us.
date: 2015-05-28 13:45:00
comments: false

Articles Page

In your root's _config.yml, set filename_case to 1. Create a new Articles page by giving the hexo new page 'Articles' command. layout/_content.jade will output a yearly summary of posts.


This theme uses Open Sans for headings, Droid Serif for body text and Fira Mono for code. They're located in the source/fonts directory in WOFF and WOFF2 formats.

Problems or Improvements

If you see room for improvements, submit a PR. If you run into a problem, open an issue.

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