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An audio stream chopping LV2 plugin
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An audio stream chopping LV2 plugin.

Description: B.Choppr cuts the audio input stream into a repeated sequence of up to 16 chops. Each chop can be leveled up or down (gating). B.Choppr is the successor of B.Slizr.



a) Install the bchoppr package for your system

b) Build your own binaries in the following three steps.

Step 1: Download the latest published version of B.Choppr. Or clone or download the master of this repository.

Step 2: Install pkg-config and the development packages for x11, cairo, and lv2 if not done yet. On Debian-based systems you may run:

sudo apt-get install pkg-config libx11-dev libcairo2-dev lv2-dev

Step 3: Building and installing into the default lv2 directory (/usr/lib/lv2/) is easy. Simply call:

sudo make install

from the directory where you downloaded the repository files. For installation into an alternative directory (e.g., /usr/local/lib/lv2), change the variable PREFIX while installing:

sudo make install PREFIX=/usr/local


After the installation Ardour, Carla, and any other LV2 host should automatically detect B.Choppr.

If jalv is installed, you can also call it


to run it (pseudo) stand-alone and connect it to the JACK system.

Note: Jack transport is required to get information about beat / position


The plugin slices a stereo input, amplifies or silences the individual slices and send the whole sequence to the output. Although this affects only the audio signal, it needs a playback running (Jack transport).

The interface is divided into three parts: step controls, monitor and step shape.

Step controls

  • Sequences per bar : Number of sequences in one bar (1..8)
  • Number of steps : Number of steps in one sequence (1..16)
  • Step markers : Defines the size of each step. Drag markers to relocate. Right click to switch between automatic and manual placement
  • Step level control : Sound level for each individual step


  • On/Off switch : Switches monitor and monitor <-> plugin communication on/off. Reduces CPU load.
  • Monitor : Visualization (l + r signal) the input / output signal for a whole sequence. Use mouse wheel or drag to zoom in or out.

Step shape

  • Blend : Select between linear (for trapezoid shapes) und sinusoid blend between the steps
  • Attack : Time (fraction of the respective step length) to increase the level at the begin of each step
  • Decay : Time (fraction of the respective step length) to decrease the level at the end of each step
  • Monitor : Visualization of a single step

What's new

  • Define individual step size using markers
  • Optional non-linear blend between steps
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