Custom Development

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Custom Abot Consulting/Development

Reasons to consider hiring me instead of doing it yourself...

  • I can customize/extend Abot faster than anyone else. No one knows this library better than I do.
  • I've spent years solving problems related to crawling and processing data from the web.
  • All modifications/customization will be done in the "right places" so existing functionality will not unexpectedly be modified or broken.
  • If there is no "right place" to add the modification, I have the luxury of adding custom hooks to the Abot library so future upgrades will be hassle free.
  • Hiring someone else WILL lead to an inferior solution. It WILL also cost you more both short and long term.

How it works

1: A good faith donation of $150 to the Abot project is required before any serious correspondence/meetings/conversations/estimating. This lets me know you are serious about the contract opportunity. The FULL AMOUNT is credited toward any paid blocks of time described below. You can donate here.

2: Development time can be purchased in prepaid blocks here.

Days Rate/day Total Savings
1 $1,000 $1,000 $0
5 $900 $4,500 $500
10 $850 $8,500 $1500

3: You will receive a specialized build of Abot that you would then plug into your system. This keeps your cost down by avoiding the need for me to learn the intricacies of your system. It also allows much faster debugging if any future bugs pop up since I can Isolate the crawling component from the rest of your system.

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