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rename android app package name(just a identity of app, not java package name) without source, without changing code. No need apktool, no need aapt.
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This project contains 4 utilities:
--  name -----------------------------  ------depending utilities------------------                        java, jar              java, jar, zip, jarsigner, adb
    setAxmlPkgName.jar   (in lib/)      java                          zip, jarsigner


Usage: [OPTIONS] apkPath_or_packageName newPackageName
  This utility changes APK's package name (not java package name) and
  prepend java package name to partial class name in AndroidManifest.xml:
    meta value(only if start with dot)

 If apkPath_or_packageName ends with .apk then means a apk file to be changed,
   otherwise means a packageName and will pull file from device to:
   ./tmpForApkRename/app.apk then change it

 If newPackageFullName ends with ! then it will remove conflict settings:

 For system app, it will pull app's odex file and convert to dex, add to apk.

 The result APK file is not signed, to install it please use

  -H <host>              - Name of adb server host (default: localhost)
  -P <port>              - Port of adb server (default: 5037)
  -s <devSerialNumber>   - Device Serial Number or qualifier

Examples: /tmp/test.apk       com.exampe.newapp     com.exampe.newapp com.exampe.newapp! -s HTC123123 com.exampe.newapp!


Usage: [OPTIONS] packageName newPackageName debugKeyStoreFile
  This script get app from all connected android device and change app name
  then install a new one to devices.
  When -s option is specified, only the specified device will be applied.

  -H <host>              - Name of adb server host (default: localhost)
  -P <port>              - Port of adb server (default: 5037)
  -s <devSerialNumber>   - Device Serial Number or qualifier
  --update               - Update app

Examples: ~/.android/debug.keystore -s HTC12334 ~/.android/debug.keystore


please see lib/.... README.txt
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