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A mapping from entities in Dota 2 replays to Python objects. i.e. replays for humans.


Documentation is hosted by, and can be found here

Example usage

For more examples, see the examples directory

Hero and Player manipulation

Very basic example, but should show the power of Tarrasque

from tarrasque import *

replay = StreamBinding.from_file("./demo/PL.dem", start_tick="game")
for player in replay.players:
    print "{} is playing {}".format(,

Generating a gold graph

from tarrasque import *

# Create a StreamBinding object; this object allows us to create
# "views" onto the replay data. Using the from_file, we pass it
# the name of the replay file, and the "tick" we want to start
# at. However, instead of giving a precise tick, we pass "game",
# which tells the StreamBinding to start from the tick where the
# game time hits 0
replay = StreamBinding.from_file("./demo/PL.dem", start_tick="game")

for player in replay.players:
    print "{} is playing {}".format(,

# Example output for the replay ./demo/PL.dem
#  Savlon is playing Phantom Lancer
#  once is playing Necrolyte
#  arrow6 is playing Nyx_ Assassin
#  niv3k is playing Tusk
#  Gyozmo is playing Slark
#  xportugeex28 is playing Batrider
#  andreissoares is playing Bounty Hunter
#  williamkork is playing Bristleback
#  Nenette1987 is playing Nevermore
#  Ben_Laden is playing Ogre_ Magi

# As the objects (such as player, player.hero) are just views over
# the data, when you change the tick, the data they report will
# change. So graphing things is just a case of remembering the
# values

# If you have matplotlib installed, this will graph a hero's
# current gold

hero = replay.players[0].hero
print "Graphing for {}, played by {}".format(,

gold_data = []
tick_data = []

# Start at "game" which is the time the game clock hits 0, stop at
# "postgame", which is when the ancient is destroyed. Step of 30
# so we only sample data once a second
for tick in replay.iter_ticks(start="game", end="postgame", step=30):

    # Players have gold, not heroes. This deals with people
    # swapping heroes and stuff.

# Get our plotting library
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
# And plot the gold against the ticks
plt.plot(tick_data, gold_data)

# And then show it
# Or save it
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