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Bachelor Thesis Stefan Kasberger

The bachelor thesis tries to find characteristics of editors on Wikipedia. Main focus is to look on how different communities evolve over time around the process of collaboratively building knowledge through agreeing/disagreeing. Additionaly, it is also planed to publish at the end a paper in a journal.

The Bachelor Thesis is part of the Environmental Systems Science with focus on Geography study at Karl Franzens University of Graz. The thesis itself will be done at GESIS Institute in Cologne, as part of the Data Science team of Markus Strohmaier.

The content of my bachelor thesis is under daily changes and some scripts and data exports must be prepared or checked in terms of copyright before adding it to the repo. This will take some time, thanks for your understanding.


Used software


  • WikiWho: GPL v2
  • Cisemcode: GPL v2



  • Sublime as text editor for coding

Used data

Open Data from following data repositories were used:


First you need to adapt the wikipages_server.csv in data/csv to your needs. title, maintainer id and maintainer name are mandatory. To enable download write yes in the 'download' column, same for compute_stats and analysis. Then you only have to execute the following command inside code/python/:

python -a 'William_McKendree'