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[DEPRECATED] - The frictionless way to use the webcomponents/webcomponentsjs polyfills.
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Deprecation notice

A siginficant amount of work and imporovements have gone into the webcomponentsjs polyfills, so we recommend you use that instead now. If you want to intelligently load what you need, use the webcomponents loader they've documented.

SkateJS Web Components

This repo gives you the bare minimum you'd need in an environment that doesn't support Custom Elements or Shadow DOM natively. It gives you support for the V1 APIs of each respectively and ensures all their polyfill dependencies are met all through a single import.

Using this is great for development, or if you need all of the features polyfilled. However if you only need some of the features, it's recommended that you include them piecemeal instead.

Once the polyfills are all set up on, then it's likely we'll recommend using that instead as it'll only deliver what the visiting browser needs.


You can install via NPM:

npm install @skatejs/web-components

Or you can download it from unpkg:


You can import it using any module format:

// ES2015
import '@skatejs/web-components';

// CommonJS

// AMD

Or you can use a <script> tag:

<script src=""></script>