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Cogs for Red Discord Bot v3 authored by Yukirin#0048

Table of contents

Installation instruction

Adding the repository to your bot

Before you can install any of my cogs, you must add this repository to your bot. Add it by issuing the following command

[p]repo add mayukirin

The characters[p] is your bot prefix and mayukirin is the name of the repository, you can change it to anything you want. For example, you find mayukirin is too long as repository name to be added to your bot (since you will be typing this name when you install a cog later) and you want to shorten it to yuki. Then the command become

[p]repo add yuki

ℹ️ For consistency of this README, I will use mayukirin when refering to my repository.

Listing available cogs

After you added the repository, you should be able to list available cogs by issuing

[p]cog list mayukirin

Once you did that, the bot will list names of available cogs from my repository.

Installing a cog

Pick one cog name of the available cog list from above command. For this example, let say you want to install avatar cog. Issue this command to install it

[p]cog install mayukirin avatar

The cog installation will be started. Any requirements will be automatically installed.

Once installation done (the bot will tell you when the installation is finished and successful) you can load the cog with this command

[p]load avatar

Cog Summaries

Cog Name Description Note
Post random animal picture(s). Allows you to post these animal : cat, dog (support breed name as argument), fox
Simply return user's avatar URL. Sorry to fail your expectation. This cog has no extra description.
Post random Doujin. Fetch post from : nhentai, tsumino, hbrowse.
Must use NSFW channel.
Public Display of Affection. This allow you to show your affection to other member with animated GIF. Currently only have pat command

Cog Documentations


Feature Requests/Suggestions and Issues/Bugs

If you have suggestions to be added/changed or found issues/bugs while using one of my cogs, please make a Github Issue on this repository (Issue format will be implemented soon).

I can also be contacted on Red Discord Bot main server and cog server (my discord handle is at the beginning of this README).


Have any idea to be added on my cogs or know the solution for a problem in my cogs? Feel free to open a pull request.

Credits and Special Thanks

  • Eslyium for allowing me to take over these cogs (since V2) : animal, doujin, feed, slap.
  • aikaterna, Redjumpman, UltimatePancake, Crossedfall, Bollo, Johnny and the rest of cool kids club printer cat fans for helping me.


Yukirin made cogs for Red Discord Bot v3







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