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@AurL AurL released this Jun 26, 2019

Sketchfab Plugin for Unity

Browse, import and export assets between Unity and Sketchfab
Based on khronos' UnityGLTF plugin

A Sketchfab account is required for most of this plugin features (you can create one here)

Supported versions: Unity 5.6.4 or later


Download attached SketchfabForUnity-v1.1.1.unitypackage and double click on it to import the plugin into your current Unity project.

Report an issue

If you have any issue, please use the Report an issue link to be redirected to the support form.

Sketchfab Asset Browser

Available in menu: Sketchfab/Browse Sketchfab


Browse more than 150k free downloadable models from Sketchfab and import them into your Unity project.

You need a Sketchfab account to download and import assets from Sketchfab

PRO users can now access their own models

If you are a PRO user, you can also use the My Models filter to search and have a private access to your personal library of models, which includes all your published models (including the private ones)

Asset Browser UI

Browse free Sketchfab downloadable models from the plugin using search and filters.


Click on a thumbnail to show the corresponding model page with a button to download and import the asset


You can specify a path in your project directory to import the asset into, set a name for the prefab that will contain the model and also choose to import it into your current scene.
Click the "Download model" button to download to proceed.

Sketchfab Exporter

Available in menu: Sketchfab/Publish to Sketchfab

Export and share your current Unity scene on Sketchfab.
You need a Sketchfab account to download and import assets from Sketchfab

Important note: glTF file format is used as transport between Unity and Sketchfab.
Because of this, a few features will not be supported and will be missing on the Sketchfab result.

The plugin will not export:

  • animations or object handled by custom scripts
  • custom materials/shaders

Only Standard materials (including Specular setup) are supported.
For animation, only Generic or Legacy animation type are exported.

This support will be improved in the future.


glTF Importer (editor)

Import glTF asset into Unity
Available in menu: Sketchfab/Import glTF

Drag and drop glTF asset on the importer window, set the import options and click import.

  • This release has been moved from the previous unity plugin repository for anticipation, but sources are still not setup so they are not yet available*
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