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A simple python script that checks the specific region for Ships that would be profitable to buy off Sell order, insure and blow up in the method of your choosing! (Currently compatible with python 2.7)


Pull down the repo

git clone

Create a virtual env

virtualenv venv
cd venv
source bin/activate

Install required pip packages

pip install -r requirements.txt

Update Config

cp config.dist




$ python -h
usage: [-h] [--region REG_NAME] [--list-regions LIST_REGIONS]

Check for Profitable Insurance Frauds

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --region REG_NAME     Qouted Region Name ie: 'the forge'
  --list-regions LIST_REGIONS List all regions

List Regions

$ python --list-regions true
Derelik,The Forge,Vale of the Silent.......

Check Specific Region

Total Volume Remaining - the number of ships in the min/max sell order range that are profitable
Min Price: - the minimum sell price to buy from
Max Price - the maximum sell price to buy from
Total Profit - overall all profit from insuring/destroying the Total Volume Remaining ships

$ python --region 'Genesis'
Looking up prices in Region: Genesis
Ship: Magnate
 Total Profit: 27,396.2
 Total Volume Remaining: 1
 Min price: 225,000.0
 Max Price: 225,000.0

Ship: Tormentor
 Total Profit: 78,299.4
 Total Volume Remaining: 3
 Min price: 260,000.0
 Max Price: 260,000.0

Ship: Navitas
 Total Profit: 378,775.0
 Total Volume Remaining: 10
 Min price: 200,000.0
 Max Price: 200,000.0

Ship: Incursus
 Total Profit: 391,393.6
 Total Volume Remaining: 8
 Min price: 200,000.0
 Max Price: 200,000.0
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