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How to use Skinny ORM in Play apps

This is an example app to show you how to use Skinny ORM in Play apps.

Live Demo

Lightbend Activator Template

Play Framework with Skinny ORM

Play Framework

Skinny ORM


How to setup

1. Add skinny-orm to libraryDependenncies

"org.skinny-framework" %% "skinny-orm" % "2.1.+"

2. Add ScalikeJDBC interagtion settings (Skinny ORM is built upon ScalikeJDBC)

You should add a dependency in build.sbt and add a pluing to conf/play.plugins.


3. DB Migration

If you need db migration, use Play's evolution or @tototoshi's flyway plugin.

How to run?

# brew install npm
npm install
# npm install -g bower
bower install

./gulp build

# brew install sbt
sbt run

# access localhost:9000 from your browser

Model Generator

task sub project is ready. Try sbt task/run generate:model {Entity} {attributes}.

sbt "task/run model Follow followerUserId:Long followingUserId:Long follower:Option[User] following:Option[User]"
sbt "task/run reverse-model Follow"
sbt "task/run reverse-model-all"
  • Option[{Entity}]: belongsTo association
  • Seq[{Entity}]: hasMany association
  • Seq[{Entity1}{Entity2}]: hasManyThrough association

Heroku deployment

heroku login
heroku git:remote -a {heroku app name}
heroku config:set BUILDPACK_URL=
git push heroku master


Here are some example DAOs.

More Information

or ask us anything here:!forum/skinny-framework

Under The MIT License

(The MIT License)

Copyright (c)