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* Copyright (c) Facebook, Inc. and its affiliates.
* This source code is licensed under the MIT license found in the
* LICENSE file in the root directory of this source tree.
module Unsafe;
native fun string_utf8_size(s: String): Int;
// This is only parameterized on T because changing that to UInt8 causes a
// compiler error: T25454827
native fun string_utf8_get<T>(s: String, i: Int): T;
module end;
module String;
extension class .String {
fun utf8(): IndexedSequence<UInt8> {
// This is only parameterized on T because changing that to UInt8 causes a
// compiler error: T25454827
private class Utf8View<T>(s: String) extends IndexedSequence<T> {
fun size(): Int {
private fun unsafe_get(i: Int): T {
Unsafe.string_utf8_get(this.s, i)
// Needed by IndexedSequence<>
fun chill(): this {
fun get(index: Int): T {
if (index.uge(this.size())) throwOutOfBounds();
fun values(): mutable Iterator<T> {
for (i in Range(0, this.size())) {
yield this.unsafe_get(i);
private fun blockIterator<T>(
input: Sequence<T>,
blockSize: Int,
): mutable Iterator<Array<T>> {
loop {
// peel off a block from the input
pred = input.take(blockSize).collect(Array);
if (pred.isEmpty()) yield break;
!input = input.drop(blockSize);
yield pred;
// TODO: need an annotation which says "don't reorder these fields"
private mutable class ConvertBuffer{
mutable input: readonly Array<UInt8>,
output: mutable Array<UInt8> = Array::mfill(8192, UInt8::truncate(0)),
pivot: mutable Array<UInt8> = Array::mfill(8192, UInt8::truncate(0)),
mutable sourceEncoder: Runtime.NonGCPointer = Runtime.NonGCPointer::zero(),
mutable targetEncoder: Runtime.NonGCPointer = Runtime.NonGCPointer::zero(),
mutable inputUsed: Int = 0,
mutable outputUsed: Int = 0,
mutable pivotSource: Int = 0,
mutable pivotTarget: Int = 0,
} {
mutable native fun setup(
inputEncoding: String,
outputEncoding: String,
throwOnBadCharacter: Bool,
): void;
mutable native fun teardown(): void;
mutable native fun convert(): void;
mutable native fun flush(): void;
readonly fun empty(): Bool {
this.inputUsed == this.input.size()