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Desktop Application for Kubernetes

skippbox is a Desktop application to manage applications deployed on Kubernetes. It supports multiple k8s endpoints and accesses a public application store.

This is still a work in progress, expect frequent changes

By default it will connect with a k8s API server running at http://localhost:8080/api


Here is a preview of what it looks like

Skippbox snapshot


You will need a Kubernetes endpoint configured in your kubectl configuration file.

If you are not familiar with Kubernetes yet, you can use boot2k8s to get a one node Kubernetes cluster running locally. Go to the boot2k8s page and set it up.

Run in development

`skippbox`` is a NW.js application similar to Docker Kitematic but aimed at Kubernetes operations.

Clone the repository and install the application:

$ git clone
$ cd skippbox

Install nwjs

$ npm install nw

$ npm install

Then start the UI with:

$ npm start


If you experience problems with skippbox or want to suggest improvements please file an issue.