Will is a simple, beautiful-to-code bot for slack, hipchat, and a whole lot more.
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Will's smilling face

Meet Will.

Will is the friendliest, easiest-to-teach bot you've ever used. He works on Slack, Hipchat, Rocket.chat, and more - so you can build your bot without platform lock-in.

He makes teaching your chat bot this simple:

def say_hello(self, message):
    self.say("oh, hello!")

The first version of Will was built by Steven Skoczen while in the Greenkahuna Skunkworks (now defunct), was extended by Ink and Feet and has been contributed to by lots of awesome people.

Will has docs, including a quickstart and lots of screenshots at: http://skoczen.github.io/will/

If you've been using Will 0.x or 1.x, and are wondering how to upgrade to 2.x, here's our friendly guide. :)

Check them out!