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The SkoHub editor will run in the browser and enable structured description of educational resources published anywhere on the web. It includes validation of the entered content for each field and lookup of controlled values via the API provided by skohub-vocabs. For usage & implementation details see the blog post.

Set up

git clone
cd skohub-editor
npm install

Run in development mode

PORT=9004 npm start

A development server will be running on localhost:9004. Omiting PORT will start the server at port 9090.

Build for production

npm run build

A new build will be at dist/

Build and serve for production

PORT=9005 npm run serve

The content of the new build will be available on localhost:9005. Omitting PORT will start the server at port 8080.

start scripts

You may want to use the start scripts in scripts/ to manage via init and to monitor them with monit.


The project to create a stable beta version of SkoHub has been funded by the North-Rhine Westphalian Library Service Centre (hbz) and carried out in cooperation with graphthinking GmbH in 2019/2020.