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a generic EPUB library for Ruby : supports EPUB 3
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a generic EPUB parser/generator library.


  • GEPUB::Book provides functionality to create EPUB file, and parsing EPUB files
  • Handle every metadata in EPUB2/EPUB3.
  • GEPUB::Builder provides an easy and powerful way to create EPUB3 files

  • See issues for known problems.

If you are using GEPUB::Builder from your code and do not like its behaviour(e.g. the block inside is evaluated as inside the Builder instance), please consider using GEPUB::Book directly.

** GEPUB::Builder will be obsolete in gepub 0.7. GEPUB::Book#new will be enhanced instead of Builder DSL. **


Builder Example

require 'rubygem'
require 'gepub'
builder = {
  language 'en'
  unique_identifier 'http:/', 'BookID', 'URL'
  title 'GEPUB Sample Book'
  subtitle 'This book is just a sample'

  creator 'KOJIMA Satoshi'

  contributors 'Denshobu', 'Asagaya Densho', 'Shonan Densho Teidan', 'eMagazine Torutaru'

  date '2012-02-29T00:00:00Z'

  resources(:workdir => '~/epub/sample_book_source/') {
    cover_image 'img/image1.jpg' => 'image1.jpg'
    ordered {
      file 'text/chap1.xhtml'
      heading 'Chapter 1'

      file 'text/chap1-1.xhtml'

      file 'text/chap2.html'
      heading 'Chapter 2'
epubname = File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), 'example_test_with_builder.epub')

more builder examples examples in this repository


  • gem install gepub


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