A very small and basic ESP8266 breakout board


Tiny ESP8266 Breakout Board

This is a tiny ESP8266 breakout board. I made it because the small breakouts I bought took up the entire breadboard and didn't include basic pullup/pulldown resistors.

Ready-made PCB

If you just want to buy the PCB directly, here's a paneled v1.4 version from Dirty PCBs, which includes 40 breakouts for $14. Note that the boards come without components, and you'll have to solder them yourself. You'll need:

If any of the links above aren't working, just search your favorite site for the components or visit your local electronics shop, they should have all of these.

You can use these ESP8266 versions with this PCB:

  • ESP-07
  • ESP-12
  • ESP-12E
  • ESP-12Q
  • ESP-12F
  • ESP-14


Use the board however you want, it's under the BSD license, here's what it looks like:

Front Back Schematic

The files are standard KiCad files, go nuts.