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Generic highlighting of the configuration files for Sublime Text 2 and Sublime Text 3
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Sublime-GenericConfig adds syntax highlighting of the configuration files to Sublime Text 2 and Sublime Text 3.

It aims to provide generic highlighting for files which are not supported by other plugins (for example ini files, nginx config).

This plugin may be used for a wide range of configuration files because highlighting is based on common syntax constructions.

NOTE: 0.0.6 is last version for Sublime Text 2.

Supported constructions

  • One line comments (#, //, -- and ;)
  • Numbers, hex values, numbers with units (12M, 10kHz etc)
  • Color (#ccc, #12ccff etc)
  • Common constants (true/false, yes/no etc)
  • Strings (single quotes and double quoted)
  • Sections ([name], <name>, name { ... })
  • Key-value constructions (key = value, key: value, key value ...)
  • Variables ($name, %name, %name%, ${name} and few others)
  • Uppercase names (SOME_NAME)
  • URL-like strings (, some://name:port/path)
  • RegEx-like strings (^...$)
  • Common operators (+, - etc)
  • Mime-like strings (image/gif, multipart/form-data etc)
  • Function call (name())
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