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Sample Pages

Example Skuid pages to help get you started or learn how to do cool and complicated things with Skuid.

Five basic categories of material here

Use Cases

Samples of pages we see used commonly within business applications. Gain inspiration from our best-practice work. Install these pages in your org to see how they work. Steal our work!

Design Systems

Download and install completed design systems for your V2 pages. Make your pages beautiful. Every design system has a "style guide" page that shows how to construct pages with this system in effective and elegant ways.

Advanced Salesforce techniques

There are complicated features provided by Salesforce that provide TONS of value. How can they be used in Skuid? What about approval processes? Duplicate Management rules? YES! These pages provide examples for you to explore and include in your Skuid Applications.

Skuid Techniques

We know its true - some of the coolest capabilities provided by Skuid are complicated to set up. These pages provide examples of things like complicated filters, action sequences, etc.


Pages used for license management. Understand who has access to Skuid within your Salesforce Org and how much it is being used.


To use one of the sample pages in these folders, follow these steps:

Note: Some of these pages require a separate data source, or require installation of a design system. Look at the README for each page for further instructions.

  1. Copy the raw XML from the sample page you'd like to use.
  2. Go to Pages in Skuid - click Create Button
  3. Name your Skuid page.
  4. Click XML Options.
  5. Select Paste XML.
  6. Paste the copied XML into the text area.
  7. Click Create.

You will be directed to the App Composer, displaying your newly created sample page.

  • To see your page in action, click Preview.
  • Otherwise, modify to your heart's content and click Save to retain your changes.


Example Skuid pages to help get you started. Learn how to do cool and complicated things!



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