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A command-line tool for setting up and managing Skupper installations
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Command line tool for setting up and managing skupper installations


See skupper help or skupper <command> --help for details.


In one kubernetes context do:

skupper init
skupper connection-token /path/to/mysecret.yaml

In another context, e.g. another kubernetes cluster, do:

skupper init
skupper connect --secret /path/to/mysecret.yaml

By default skupper will try to set itself up to allow connections from other skupper sites (using mutual TLS). It uses a LoadBalancer service or an OpenShift Route for this. If you don't want this, or your cluster is not set up to support those options, you can use the --cluster-local option to skupper init and will then be able only accept connections from skupper instances in different namespaces on the same cluster.

Note: if using minikube, you can get the LoadBalancer service to setup an external ip by running minikube tunnel. (Or else use --cluster-local as desrcibed above).

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