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Alfresco module that exposes a Clojure API to access the repository.

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Updated dependencies.

Commented out swank support (abandoned by author, doesn't work on Clojure 1.5+).
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Lambdalf -- Alfresco with a Clojure taste

A Clojure adapter around the Alfresco Foundation API. Currently the following features are supported:


  • lambdalf-lib -- a JAR project, contains all the real code provided in lambdalf. Use this as a dependency to leverage lambdalf code.

  • lambdalf -- an AMP project, built from the Maven AMP plugin. It ships lambdalf-lib plus an AMP structure to easily install lambdalf on your Alfresco instance, plus some goodies like a web script to start a swank server to open a REPL from Emacs to a running Alfresco instane.

How to build it

In order to build this projects yourself, you need a working Maven installation (tested with v3.0).

By default, the project uses the latest artifacts provided in the official Alfresco maven repository. As Alfresco doesn't always ship artifacts in a timely fashion, you can download the alfresco.war file and extract and install artifacts from it following this guide.


More of a show and tell than real products, some samples are provided to verify and explain the features of lambdalf.

Learn more


Apache License, Version 2.0

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