Beautiful rspec output in vim.
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Beautiful, colorized RSpec tests in Vim with direct access to the line where the error occurred.




  • Requires: gem install hpricot
  • Install with pathogen: clone/submodule into vim/bundle
  • rbenv users will need to install hpricot using system ruby RBENV_VERSION=system sudo gem install hpricot


  • :RunSpec for current file
  • :RunSpecLine for current line (current 'it' block)
  • :RunSpecs for all files in spec dir
  • A split will open vertically on the right (if you prefer vertical, let g:RspecSplitHorizontal=0)
  • You can hit 'n' to go to the next error, or navigate to it and hit Enter to go to the line in the file.


  • Run rspec on current line (execute a single 'it' block)
  • Failures and Success is now displayed prominently at the top in green or red
  • Improved colors (for Solarized, specifically)
  • Run in same window, do not create a new window for every run
  • When browsing errors in rspec window, hitting enter takes you to the code in other split (do not create new window)
  • Ability to hit 'n' in the rspec output to go to the next error (and the corresponding code in the split)
  • Unescape html so that brackets in stacktraces are correctly displayed
  • Took out xslt support to focus the project on a ruby-based formatter
  • Default to horizontal split, use "let g:RspecSplitHorizontal=0" in vimrc to split vertical
  • Support for RSpec1 and RSpec2 (@thenoseman)
  • Automatically find the window with the spec (@thenoseman)

Suggested Key Mappings

By default you get these keymappings. If you don't want them, turn them off with:

let g:RspecKeymap=0

Run using Cmd-Shift-R:

map <D-R> :RunSpec<cr>

Run on current line (current 'it' block) Cmd-Shift-L:

map <D-L> :RunSpecLine<cr>


  • Further refactoring to improve maintainability
  • Custom paths for RunSpecs (e.g. fast_specs dir)
  • Support for other testing frameworks (test/unit, shoulda), maybe

NOTE: This version is drastically different from the original taq/vim-rspec fork due to a large refactoring of the main codebase into a modularized form. If you have an old fork with custom changes, you may want to look at what's been done here.