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This repository allows you to save your bookmarks under revision control, via a simple combination of HTML, CSS & Javascript.

  • You add your bookmarks to the file
  • Then view them by opening index.html in your browser.
    • The file bookmarks.css is used to style the presentation.
    • The file bookmarks.js makes the bookmarks interactive.

Browser Limitations

Because the javascript attempts to open the file via a file:// URI this "application" will not work on all browsers.

The author is happy that it works on Firefox/Iceweasel, and would welcome any operational improvements for other browsers. Currently this is known to fail upon Chrome and Safari.


I didn't like any of the online bookmark-syncing plugins/addins/tools I tested.

The idea of hosting an online bookmark server is appealing, but using the power of git it seems that having a local bookmark file should be pretty robust:

  • New items are added, generally one per line.
  • Existing items can be edited to add new tags.
  • Merges should be painless.

The included javascript magic is present solely to make the bookmarks manageable, in my private copy I have 400+ bookmarks and with the tagging support present here they will continue to work for me easily.


If you wish to use this bookmarks script, and are happy for your bookmarks to be public, then just fork this repository and you're done.

If you prefer to keep your bookmarks private, as I do, then you'll need to host your repository somewhere private.

To get started you might wish to examine contributed importers found beneath the importers directory, which might be of interest.

For advanced usage you can see:


If you wish to submit improvements to the javascript, or the CSS, then I welcome forks & pull requests.

NOTE: If you submit a change feel free to add a link to your homepage/blog/whatever as part of that. The included bookmarks are only examples.



A template for self-hosted bookmarks using HTML & jQuery.





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