A template for self-hosted bookmarks using HTML & jQuery.
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This repository allows you to save your bookmarks under revision control, via a simple combination of HTML, CSS & Javascript.

  • You add your bookmarks to the file bookmarks.data.
  • Then view them by opening index.html in your browser.
    • The file bookmarks.css is used to style the presentation.
    • The file bookmarks.js makes the bookmarks interactive.

Online Demo

You may try out the interface in this online demo:


I didn't like any of the online bookmark-syncing plugins/addins/tools I tested.

The idea of hosting an online bookmark server is appealing, but using the power of git it seems that having a local bookmark file should be pretty robust:

  • New items are added, generally one per line.
  • Existing items can be edited to add new tags.
  • Merges should be painless.

The included javascript magic is present solely to make the bookmarks manageable, in my private copy I have 400+ bookmarks and with the tagging support present here they will continue to work for me easily.


If you wish to use this bookmarks script, and are happy for your bookmarks to be public, then just fork this repository and you're done.

If you prefer to keep your bookmarks private, as I do, then you'll need to clone the repository somewhere private.

Adding bookmarks via the browser

The bookmarks are all stored in the standalone file bookmarks.data, and the expected use-case is that you edit that with your favourite editor.

However you may also add bookmarks dynamically, via your browser. Just complete the form on the right-side of the interface. Newly added bookmarks will be available for you to view immediately, however they will not be saved by default.

To make your new additions permanent you must click Save and overwrite your local bookmarks.data file with the updated version.

Importing Bookmarks

There are some utilities to ease importing your bookmarks beneath the top-level importers directory:

  • importers/firefox/firefox
    • Import bookmarks from a saved bookmarks.html which Firefox exports.
  • importers/pinboard/pinboard.py

Adding / Editing / Removing

Other online features are supported:

The Add Bookmark form allows you to add new bookmark with name, link and comma-separated tags.

When moving your mouse over an existing bookmark, you can either click recycle icon to delete it or pencil icon to edit it. The editing action works just in the same way as adding a new bookmark.

Browser Integration

For the most of popular web browsers you can install a userscript from here by clicking Raw link.

The intention is that when you use Bmks.pub.: Add This Page userscript menu item, browser displays your bookmarks page having Link and Name areas populated with the appropriate link and title, such that new bookmark can be added quickly and easily. Userscript works properly regardless to your bookmarks location, as it is allowed to open the both file:// and http(s):// URLs. Before bookmarking, please also specify correct index.html location using Bmks.pub.: Settings menu item.

If you access your bookmarks via http(s)://, you may prefer to use following bookmarklet instead of userscript installation:

window.open("https://myserver/bookmarks.public/index.html" +
    "?op=bookmark" +
    "&title=" + encodeURIComponent(document.title) +
    "&url="   + encodeURIComponent(window.location.href),

To get it working, please correct your bookmarks URL in the first line, convert it to bookmarklet, add browser bookmark with this bookmarklet URL and assign it a shortcut (say, bl). Then, when you type bl in URL edit box, browser should suggest using this bookmarklet. The result will be similar: new tab with your bookmarks and your new bookmark with Link and Name populated.


If you wish to submit improvements to the javascript, or the CSS, then I welcome forks & pull requests.

NOTE: If you submit a change feel free to add a link to your homepage/blog/whatever as part of that. The included bookmarks are only examples.