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Terraform module for deploying Kafka on Kubernetes
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Kafka on Kubernetes

Tested on GKE but it should work for any kubernetes cluster given the right terraform-provider-kubernetes setup.


  • kafka_name : Name of the kafka deployment
  • kafka_storage_size : Disk size to be requested for kafka (i.e. "64Gi")
  • kafka_storage_class_name : Kubernetes storage class to be used for kafka persistence
  • allow_auto_create_topics : Allow automatic topic creation on the broker when subscribing to or assigning a topic.
  • default_replication_factor : Default replication factor for automatically created topics
  • min_insync_replicas : Minimum in-sync replica count for partitions
  • transaction_state_log_replication_factor : The replication factor for the transaction topic
  • transaction_state_log_min_isr : Overridden min.insync.replicas config for the transaction topic.
  • offset_topic_replication_factor : Default offset topic replication factor
  • zookeeper_storage_size : Disk size to be requested for zooekeeper (i.e. "64Gi")
  • zookeeper_storage_class_name : Kubernetes storage class to be used for zookeeper persistence
  • namespace : Kubernetes namespace to be deployed
  • cluster_size : Kafka cluster size
  • zookeeper_cluster_size : Zookeeper cluster size
  • kafka_rest_enabled : Should we deploy kafka rest?
  • kafka_rest_replicacount : Kafka rest deploment replica count
  • kafka_rest_ingress_host : Ingress host address for routing
  • kafka_rest_ingress_annotations : Extra annotations for kubernetes ingress
  • kafka_rest_ingress_enabled : Should we enable ingress for kafka rest? (may want to deploy proxy in front of it?)


Terraform Kubernetes Provider

Tested With

  • terraform-providers/kubernetes : 1.9.0
  • confluentinc/cp-kafka:5.3.0 docker image
  • confluentinc/cp-kafka-rest:5.3.0 docker image
  • zookeeper:3.5.5 docker image
  • kubernetes 1.13.7-gke.8


This module was initially generated from helm/incubator/kafka and cp-helm-charts/kafka-rest via k2tf project.

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