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Shape (shp) Extension for HHVM (HipHop virtual machine)

This is a port from PECL shape extensioni for HipHop PHP VM, with some fixes and enhancements, which is a wrapper library to libshape.

"The Shapefile C Library provides the ability to write simple C programs for reading, writing and updating (to a limited extent) ESRI Shapefiles"


This extension requires libshp library installed. On Gentoo it is included in sci-libs/shapelib ebuild.

Building & Installation

Installation requires HHVM version 3.2.0 or later. On Gentoo systems with our overlay you can just emerge dev-php/hhvm-ext_shape. On other systems:

$ cd /path/to/extension
$ ./

This will produce a file, the dynamically-loadable extension.

To enable the extension, you need to have the following section in your HHVM config file (php.ini style config):

hhvm.dynamic_extension_path = /path/to/hhvm/extensions
hhvm.dynamic_extensions[shp] =

Where /path/to/hhvm/extensions is a folder containing all HipHop extensions, and is in it. This will cause the extension to be loaded when the virtual machine starts up.

Differences from PECL

  • Added function shp_get_array_from_object to convert SHP object properties to PHP array.
  • Function shp_create_simple_object will fail if not all arguments are passed.

As always, bugs should be reported to the issue tracker and patches are very welcome.