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Skygear Chat iOS Demo

This iOS Demo is written in Swift and is powered by Skygear and Skygear Chat.

Skygear Introduction

Skygear is an open source back-end-as-a-service that speeds up app development. SkyChat is a module under Skygear and has all the messaging features a chat app usually needs.


Features Demonstrated

User athentication

  • User sign up and login
  • User logout

Conversation creation

  • Create 1 to 1 conversation
  • Create Group conversation

Conversation list

  • Get all conversations of a users
  • Show unread counts of a conversation

Conversation view (from UI kit)

  • Load messages from conversations (chat history)
  • Send text messages
  • Message receipt status
  • Typing indicator
  • Send photo messages
  • Send voice messages
  • Edit messages
  • Delete messages

Conversation setting

  • Leave Conversations
  • Add Users to Conversations
  • Remove Users from Conversations
  • Add admin
  • Remove admin


  • Push notification for new messages
  • Mute conversation's notification

Installation Guide

  1. Clone the project

    git clone

    If you are using Xcode 8, please clone the xcode-8 branch.

    git clone -b xcode-8
  2. Install dependancies

    pod install
  3. Open Swift Chat Demo 2.xcworkspace


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