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Run "VS Code" on iPad using and expo
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Run VS Code Remotely on iPad with Expo and Coder

Getting Started

  1. Set up a Coder instance
  • I recommend using DigitalOcean, but all the usual cloud provider suspects are supported. If you do use DigitalOcean, I'd love for you to use my referral link <3 (you get $50 in credit if you do!)
  • Set a strong password, and consider using a network-level firewall in addition to your server's own software firewall to limit access to only IP addresses from which you'll be accessing it.
  • I'll write up a little more about the process I've used to get set up, but feel free to ping me with questions at @brandon_mn.

At this point, you should be able to access the editor in Safari with a specific URL. Hold on to that URL, you'll need it in a sec.

  1. Clone and build the Expo app
  • Install Expo Client on your iPad
  • Clone this repository with git clone
  • Log in to expo with expo login
  • In App.tsx, replace the CODER_URL constant with the URL you saved at the end of step 1
  • Deploy the app to your iPad with expo publish
  • Launch the Expo app on your iPad, and you'll see "VS Code" listed there!


This particular project was brought about by Owen Williams' piece after WWDC about how the upcoming multitasking features in iPadOS will make it possible (even enjoyable!) for developers to work on the iPad. After a few idle hours of setup, I'm inclined to agree!


  • Slide Over/multitasking support (upstream w/ Expo Client)
  • Copy/paste fails inconsistently (upstream w/
  • You need to enter your Coder instance's password on every launch
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