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jadx - Dex to Java decompiler

Command line and GUI tools for produce Java source code from Android Dex and Apk files

jadx-gui screenshot


After download unpack zip file go to bin directory and run:

  • jadx - command line version
  • jadx-gui - graphical version

On Windows run .bat files with double-click
Note: ensure you have installed Java 8 64-bit version

Building from source

Java 8 JDK or higher must be installed:

git clone
cd jadx
./gradlew dist

(on Windows, use gradlew.bat instead of ./gradlew)

Scripts for run jadx will be placed in build/jadx/bin and also packed to build/jadx-<version>.zip


Run jadx on itself:

cd build/jadx/
bin/jadx -d out lib/jadx-core-*.jar
# or
bin/jadx-gui lib/jadx-core-*.jar


jadx[-gui] [options] <input file> (.dex, .apk, .jar or .class)
 -d,  --output-dir           - output directory
 -ds, --output-dir-src       - output directory for sources
 -dr, --output-dir-res       - output directory for resources
 -j,  --threads-count        - processing threads count
 -r,  --no-res               - do not decode resources
 -s,  --no-src               - do not decompile source code
 -e,  --export-gradle        - save as android gradle project
      --show-bad-code        - show inconsistent code (incorrectly decompiled)
      --no-imports           - disable use of imports, always write entire package name
      --no-replace-consts    - don't replace constant value with matching constant field
      --escape-unicode       - escape non latin characters in strings (with \u)
      --deobf                - activate deobfuscation
      --deobf-min            - min length of name
      --deobf-max            - max length of name
      --deobf-rewrite-cfg    - force to save deobfuscation map
      --deobf-use-sourcename - use source file name as class name alias
      --cfg                  - save methods control flow graph to dot file
      --raw-cfg              - save methods control flow graph (use raw instructions)
 -f,  --fallback             - make simple dump (using goto instead of 'if', 'for', etc)
 -v,  --verbose              - verbose output
 -h,  --help                 - print this help
 jadx -d out classes.dex

These options also worked on jadx-gui running from command line and override options from preferences dialog


Out of memory error:
  • Reduce processing threads count (-j option)
  • Increase maximum java heap size:
    • command line (example for linux): JAVA_OPTS="-Xmx4G" jadx -j 1 some.apk
    • edit 'jadx' script (jadx.bat on Windows) and setup bigger heap size: DEFAULT_JVM_OPTS="-Xmx2500M"

Licensed under the Apache 2.0 License

Copyright 2018 by Skylot