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Skypool Nimiq Miner

This is Skypool Nimiq Miner Client, using self-designed Nimiq mining protocol which is different to official p2p mining protocol, Skypool mining protocol get block data from server directly, which is more effieciency in bad netowork environment and need less client network bandwidth.

Note : Skypool Nimiq Miner is only compatible with Skypool Nimiq Servers, the server code is not open source.

Download Skypool Nimiq Mining Client in release.

In the release page, different version for different CPU instruction set to get the best hashrate:

  • extreme --> avx512f
  • fast --> avx2
  • normal --> avx
  • compat --> non-avx


node index.js --address=<address> [--name=<name>] [--thread=<thread>] [--server=<server>] [--percent=<percent>] [--cpu=<cpu>]

Building by Yourself

  1. Install Node.js v8.0.0 or higher.
  2. On Ubuntu and Debian, install git and build-essential: sudo apt-get install -y git build-essential.
  3. Install yarn globally: sudo npm install -g yarn.
  4. Install gulp globally: yarn global add gulp.
  5. Clone this repository: git clone
  6. Build the project: cd skypool-nimiq-miner && yarn.
  7. Config config.txt, Run node index.js.

Skypool Nimiq Proxy

Step by step tutorial for using proxy

Why to use proxy

  • Use Proxy if the Skypool nodes are blocked by cloud providers, e.g., Google Cloud Platform
  • You can also hide your mining address on miner side, and set it on the proxy side
  • Start proxy on an unblocked cloud server, e.g., AWS, so the proxy can connect to Skypool nodes
  • Configure the blocked cloud server miners to proxy, so these miners can mine nimiq now


  1. Download Skypool Nimiq Proxy in release.
  2. Start Proxy on an unblocked cloud server, with a public ip (for example,
  3. Configure the Skypool Nimiq Miner's config file, and change server value to "server": "ws://",
  4. Start mining now, you can see logs in proxy to see the number of connected miners
node index.js --proxyServerPort=<proxyServerPort> --server=<server> [--miningAddress=<miningAddress>]

Build by yourself

  1. Install Node.js v8.0.0 or higher.
  2. Build the project: cd skypool-nimiq-miner/proxy && yarn.
  3. Config proxy_config.txt, you can find usage and example in this file
  4. Run node proxy.js to start proxy
  5. Config the miner config file config.txt, change server value to the proxy url, e.g., "server": "ws://localhost:8080",
  6. Start mining clients to start mining with proxy