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Named bookmarks for sublime text

DogEars allows you to create Bookmarks inside your code, and give them names. It also allows you to search for them using a quick panel (like the Ctrl + P Dialog)

What works:

  • Create a bookmark (Ctrl + Shift + B) (you will need to enter a name)
  • Access a bookmark (Ctrl + Shift + M (note that this only works inside the file where the bookmarks exist)

What doesn't work(yet):

  • You can only access bookmarks in the same file for now.
  • The bookmarks aren't stored on your hard drive. If you close Sublime Text, the bookmarks are lost
  • Deleting bookmarks
  • The bookmarks are still shown in case the section of text containing the bookmark has been deleted
  • A single panel to show all the bookmarks
  • Stability issues