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== Legend ==
+ Feature added
- Feature removed
* Bug fixed
[] 2016-05-10
+ meta-data validation tool will now chekck package icon and
% check for unused icons
[0.6.12] 2016-05-10
+ Added a crude meta-data validation utility
% Most probably quite buggy and incomplete
[0.6.11] 2015-11-05
+ New dependency checking system
% Dependencies are now in 5 different categories
+ dbp-common has been moved into a shared library
% Makes it easier to re-use it in other applications
[0.6.10] First numbered release - 2015-10-31
* Fixed bug causing dbp-desktopd creating "unsafe" launchers
* Minor memory leaks in the dbpd DBus code has been fixed
+ Delayed umount of packages implemented in dbpd
% Leaved a mounted package around for a bit in case it is
% launched again.
+ Basic check of package architecture
% Package architecture is checked against supported ones listed
% in dbp_config.ini, dbp-run throws an error if it's unsupported.
+ dbpd now supports override files
% It is now possible to inject and/or override .desktop launchers
% in a package by placing special files in its appdata directory
+ Missing dependency dialog cares about input
% An aborted package launch is actually aborted now
% Installing of deps is still unsupported and throws an error
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