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Browser version of the classic game Snake built with JavaScript and jQuery.
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An implementation of the classic game Snake in JavaScript.

Getting Started

To run this project, either open up index.html in your favorite web browser, or click here to play the live version.

How to Play

This snake has got some hustle -- it doesn't stop moving forward. You can however tell it where to go. Move up, left, down and right to collect apples and grow your snake, but be careful. If your snake runs into itself, it will die.

This snake has space-warping powers. If you leave the board on one side, it comes out from the other!


  • W / I / Up-Arrow: Move snake up
  • A / J / Left-Arrow: Move snake left
  • S / K / Down-Arrow: Move snake down
  • D / L / Right-Arrow: Move snake right
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