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Github client for Android
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Fix ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when refreshing pull request fragm…


There's a race condition between changing adapter contents (causing
calls to requestLayout) and listview drawing, caused by the fact that
the adapter item count is cached: if there's a draw pass happening
between adapter contents change and the following measure pass, the
cached value mItemCount will be wrong, leading to an AIOOBE in
HeaderListViewAdapter. Fix that by enforcing a value update by
re-setting the adapter in refresh().

Also add some missing calls to notifyDataSetChanged().
latest commit 57572633b0
@maniac103 maniac103 authored


This application provides access to GitHub and lets you stay connected with your network


Build Status


Download OctoDroid from Google Play Download OctoDroid from Download latest debug from

Main features


  • List repositories
  • Watch/unwatch repository
  • View branches/tags
  • View pull requests
  • View contributors
  • View watchers/networks
  • View issues


  • View basic information
  • Activity feeds
  • Follow/unfollow user
  • View public/watched repositories
  • View followers/following
  • View organizations (if type is user)
  • View members (if type is organization)


  • List issues
  • Filter by label, assignee or milestone
  • Create/edit/close/reopen issue
  • Comment on issue
  • Manage labels
  • Manage milestones


  • View commit (shows files changed/added/deleted)
  • Diff viewer with colorized HTML
  • View commit history on each file

Tree/File browser

  • Browse source code
  • View code with syntax hightlighting


  • List public gists
  • View gist content

Explore Github

  • Public timeline
  • Trending repos (today, week, month, forever)
  • GitHub blog

..and many more

How to Build Octodroid

  • Ensure Android SDK platform version 19 and build-tools version 19.1.0 are installed
  • Build using Gradle
./gradlew assembleDebug
  • To get a full list of available tasks
./gradlew tasks

Open Source Libraries


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