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Github client for Android

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OctoDroid (formerly known as Gh4a)

This application provides access to information and stay connected with your networks.

OctoDroid on

Main features


  • List repositories
  • Watch/unwatch repository
  • View branches/tags
  • View pull requests
  • View collaborators/contributors
  • View watchers/networks
  • View issues


  • View basic informations
  • Activity feeds
  • Follow/unfollow user
  • View public/watched repositories
  • View followers/following
  • View organizations (if type is user)
  • View members (if type is organization)


  • List issues
  • Filter by label, assignee or milestone
  • Create/edit/close/reopen issue
  • Comment on issue
  • Manage labels
  • Manage milestones


  • View commit (shows files changed/added/deleted)
  • Diff viewer with colorized HTML
  • View commit history on each file

Tree/File browser

  • Browse source codes
  • File viewer with code syntax hightlighted


  • List public gists
  • View gist content

Explore Github

  • Public timeline
  • Trending repos (today, week, month, forever)
  • GitHub blog

..and many more

Open Source Libraries


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