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Node.js IRC client library
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General purpose IRC client with:

  • plugin system
  • simple api
  • arbitrary input stream
  • DEBUG support for easy debugging


$ npm install slate-irc


var irc = require('slate-irc');
var net = require('net');

var stream = net.connect({
  port: 6667,
  host: ''

var client = irc(stream);

client.user('tobi', 'Tobi Ferret');

client.names('#express', function(err, names){



  • data (msg) parsed IRC message
  • message (event) on PRIVMSG
  • notice (event) on NOTICE
  • invite (event) on INVITE
  • names (event) on RPL_NAMREPLY
  • topic (event) on TOPIC
  • away (event) on RPL_AWAY
  • quit (event) on QUIT
  • join (event) on JOIN
  • part (event) on PART
  • kick (event) on KICK
  • mode (event) on MODE
  • motd (event) on RPL_ENDOFMOTD
  • nick (event) on NICK
  • welcome (nick) on RPL_WELCOME
  • whois (event) on RPL_ENDOFWHOIS
  • errors (event) on ERR_*
  • pong (event) on PONG


Given a stream from net or tls or another network source, construct an IRC client.

var client = irc(stream);


Used at the beginning of connection to specify a 'connection password' for servers requiring a auth.


Specify an string irc nick for the user.

.user(username, realname)

Used at the beginning of connection to specify the username and realname of a new user.

.invite(name, channel)

Send an invite to name, for a channel.

.send(target, msg)

Send a msg to the target user or channel.

.action(target, msg)

Send an ACTION msg to the target user or channel. Example output: * erming slaps tj around a bit with a large trout

.notice(target, msg)

Send a NOTICE msg to the target user or channel.

.ctcp(target, msg)

Send a CTCP notice to the target user.

.join(channel, key)

Send a JOIN command for the user to join channel with optional key.

.part(channel, msg)

Send a PART command for the user to part channel with optional msg.

.names(channel, callback)

List names of users in channel, calling callback with (error, names).


Set the user's away message to message.

.topic(channel, topic)

Get channel topic or set the topic to topic.

.kick(channels, nicks, msg)

Kick nick(s) from channel(s) with optional msg.

.oper(name, password)

Used to obtain operator privileges. The combination of name and password are required to gain Operator privileges. Upon success, a 'mode' event will be emitted.

.mode(target, flags, params)

Used to set a user's mode or channel's mode for a user.

  • .mode('cmilhench', '-o');
    • // cmilhench 'deopping' himself.
  • .mode('#channel', '+o', 'name');
    • // give 'chanop' privileges to name on channel #channel.


Disconnect from the server with optional msg.

.whois(target, mask, callback)

Used to query information about particular user.

Writing Plugins

Plugins are simply functions that accept the IRC client as an argument. With this you can define methods, listen on events and interact with the client. For example here's a logger plugin that outputs to stdout:

function logger() {
  return function(irc){;

Then .use() it like so:

var client = irc(stream);

Returning a function like logger() instead of logger is optional, however it's useful to use a closure when passing options, and to keep the interface consistent with plugins that do accept options, for example:

function logger(stream) {
  return function(irc){;


Here's a slightly more complex example of a PONG plugin responding to PING messages:

function pong(){
  return function(irc){
    irc.on('data', function(msg){
      if ('PING' != msg.command) return;
      irc.write('PONG :' + msg.trailing);


Enable debug output:

$ DEBUG=slate-irc node script.js
  slate-irc message NOTICE NOTICE * :*** Looking up your hostname... +0ms
  slate-irc message NOTICE NOTICE * :*** Checking Ident +119ms
  slate-irc message NOTICE NOTICE * :*** Couldn't look up your hostname +1ms

Enable debug output for a specific plugin:

$ DEBUG=slate-irc:names node test.js
  slate-irc:names add #luna-lang ["tjholowaychuk","ramitos","zehl","yawnt","juliangruber"] +0ms
  slate-irc:names emit "names" for #luna-lang +3ms

Enable output of "raw" slate-irc-parser level debug info:

$ DEBUG=slate-irc-parser node test.js
` slate-irc-parser line ` NOTICE * :*** Looking up your hostname...
  slate-irc-parser message {"prefix":"","command":"NOTICE","params":"*","trailing":"*** Looking up your hostname...","string":" NOTICE * :*** Looking up your hostname..."} +2ms
` +450msirc-parser line ` NOTICE * :*** Checking Ident
  slate-irc-parser message {"prefix":"","command":"NOTICE","params":"*","trailing":"*** Checking Ident","string":" NOTICE * :*** Checking Ident"} +0ms


  • examples
  • tcp connection with reconnection (separate lib) (re-auth on connect)



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