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Boost/Boast your Progress
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Boost/Boast your progress

Why Progress?

The visualized progress of the project has a very important role for the entire project. It motivates members, helps simulate the schedule, and even helps balance overall load for the project. However, it is difficult to start and manage the progress of the projects.

We provide three Core Functions:

  • Progress Add/Edit
    • Users can add task with due date, and sub-tasks for each task.
    • n tasks divide 100% into n equally, and m subtasks divide 100/n into m equally.
  • Overviewing the progress
    • At the very beginning page, we an see all the projects' progress
  • Collaborating
    • We can add collaborator, and it shows who did the task
    • Because this requires many undesirable efforts, I decided not to develop this function.

Now, introduce Progress

If you want to see my digital prototype, just click me! You can see our prototype here:

When you enter the site, you need to Sign In!


We provide very easy and direct sign in & sign up system.
Use as remove DB
Communicate with HTTP Request

Welcome to Progress, this is your workspace

You can add your project by clicking the + button workspace

fast-prototype with Semantic UI React

Wow, this is your project.

Let's edit your project name, description, and add the tasks.
In order to add tasks, click + button there. project

Finally, your progress is updated!

Whenever you finished your task, the progress is updated. progress

How users think?

This is how users thought

  1. Need to change the order of the project
  2. Show the due date at the beginning page
  3. If completed, please strike the project title
  4. It would be better to show next task!

Limitation & Future Works

  • Create Collaborating Function if possible
  • Performance Issue! Need refresh many times now
  • Minor issue for user experience when adding the tasks


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