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Blu-Play port of DOOM I (1993)
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Blu-Play DOOM I (1993) port

This repository contains a version of [DOOM videogame](, transpiled into Blu-Ray Java using Cibyl MIPS-to-Java compiler. This version is based on the official DOOM sources, not on another clone.

Note: Cibyl only runs on Unix-like systems. Windows users will have to use Cygwin to compile this. Note #2: This project is based on this example project. See there for more information.


This subdirectiry contains the DOOM's C source code, along with some glue code, to be compiled into Java.

To build, type make inside the cibyl/ directory. The Makefile expects the Cibyl binary toolchain to be located at ../cibyl/, relatively to the repository root.


This subdirectory contains the actual Java Xlet that starts the DOOM and forwards access to the screen. It is to be compiled using PS3 BD-J SDK. Run ./ before building to copy Cibyl-generated Java classes into the jar.


This directory contains mock headers that allow native compilation of the Cibyl-adapted DOOM code. It features a minimal "playable" GUI and is mostly useful for debugging the Cibyl version.

To build the native executable, type make. It will be compiled from exactly the same sources as the Cibyl version.

Current status

Basically the game is playable. However, elevators don't work properly, and the door at the end of E1M2 doesn't open. FIXED

Currently only the video and input subsystems have been ported. There is no support for network play, sound, or game saves.

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