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Using the Slick code generator to generate Slick and Play code
Scala JavaScript CSS
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This Play app demonstrates fully automatic scaffolding from the data model using code-generation for:
- data model case classes
- Slick Tables
- Slick CRUD with pre-compiled queries
- Play form bindings / validations
- Play html views / forms
- JavaScript form validation
- Many-to-one relationships in forms

This also demos (some unrelated to codegen):
- multi-project, customized Slick codegen sbt build setup with Play
- Going from dynamic to static: Unified controllers serving all models at once.
- A unified edit/insert template and controller.
- pre-compiled Slick queries

- Use codegen (only!) where Scala's abstraction capabilities end.
- Write everything you can abstract in Scala by hand (unless type system limitations make it infeasible).
- Use code-gen as a refactoring technique to avoid logical duplication. Don't use it blindly, but focused.
- Provide excellent interop between generated code and hand-written code.
- Generate readable(!) code that is well formatted and has useful Scaladoc where applicable.
- Generate what makes sense and is useful to your team. Make a wise decision. You can take it all the way to the frontend. You don't have to!

- sbt run
- enable the PERSON table in schema.sql
- stop the app (ctrl+c)
- sbt run
- see person appear in the GUI

As of now this lacks (but should really contain):
- being an activator template
- demo of using twirl for template-based codegen instead of string interpolation based codegen
- demo of extra meta data driving code generation, additional to just the db schema
- demo of inheritance-based interop between generated and hand-written code
- demo of hand-written, model-specific views/use cases co-exist with the generated ones
- demo of enabling/disabling interfacing with hand-written code
- more cleanup / refactoring of the slick queries in the model
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